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Kai's Clan
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Mars Discovery & Automated Warehouse AR & VR Adventure Mat with rovers and forklifts!

Kai’s Clan is so much more than just a yellow robot! The difference is the collaboration between schools or countries, it’s not just about talking on Skype it's actually about manipulating each other’s world in the virtual.



It teaches us to do the learning together and finding solutions to real-world activities and challenges, things that excite kids.


Make AR / VR worlds in your classroom

Easily build 3D environments using Minecraft or Tinkercad

Kai’s Clan’s latest feature allows students to create their own characters in Tinkercad or Minecraft. Used for storytelling, you can create your Minecraft hero and when you code your robot to move around, your 3D avatar also moves around your virtual world. It allows you to create your own 3D environments, code them, and then view them in AR or VR.


Multiplayer coding

Make coding a team sport


Students work together to solve real-world problems, whether within the same classroom or with someone on the other side of the world, using multiplayer Scratch/Blockly coding.



Virtual Reality

Create interactive virtual environments

Let your students create & jump into the driver’s seat of a rover on Mars, a forklift in a busy warehouse, or the pilot’s seat in a plane high over a thriving metropolis.


Augmented Reality

Expand what is possible in the classroom

Make, create and enrich your student’s learning with Kai’s Augmented Reality. See your code come to life in an interactive learning playground.


Easy to use

Online Multiplayer collaboration

Included Rescue Run AR VR Adventure Mat

X, Y coordinates with real-time robot positions

Integrated lesson plans (minimal prep required!)

Internet of Things sensors

Engaging content to make learning fun

Virtual Reality with premium content Android & iOS stores

Cross-curricular STEM / STEAM activities

Augmented Reality with premium content Android & iOS stores

Real-world applications

3D environments built into the Kai’s Clan browser

Real-time collaboration between schools

Change Kai’s robot eye colours

Data logging with various Sensors

Make Kai play songs and sounds with integrated buzzer

Up to 4-hour use – 1-hour fast charge

Get Kai to pick up objects with his motorized grippers


What's included


  • 12x Kai Robots (rechargeable batteries included – 4 hrs play with 1 hr fast charge time)

  • 1x Mars Discovery AR VR Adventure Mats (1 x 1 meter tough & durable neoprene)

  • 1x Automated Warehouse AR VR Adventure Mats (1 x 1 meter tough & durable neoprene)

  • 2x Smartphone Tripod (smartphone for tracking robots not included) 

  • Large Kai Bit Sensor Pack 

  • 2 x 4-way USB Charging Cable

  • Sticker Pack

  • Kai’s Coding Cards Packs

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Various spare parts

  • Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker app available for download in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

  • Kai’s AR VR Virtual Viewer app available for download in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Plus includes over 35 education lesson plans 

Included Kai’s Bit Sensor Pack

With Kai’s Clan it is easy to use different sensors, simply just plug into the back of your Kai robot and the data will be sent to your Kai’s Clan Blockly, then simply export the data to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and analyze and graph the data.


Internet of Things (IoT) sensors included with the classroom kit.


Sound sensor


Single LED

OLED display

Colour sensor

Vibration sensor

Touch sensor

Gesture sensor

Infrared receiver and sender

Relay and submersible pump

Temperature & humidity sensor

Collision sensor

LED 8x8 dot matrix sensor

Tilt switch

Button sensor

Hall sensor

Light sensor

Moisture sensor

PIR motion sensor

Linear potentiometer

Rotary angle sensor

Infrared remote control



  • iPad, Chromebook, Windows or Mac using Chrome or Safari for students to code.

  • Wi-Fi Internet connection

  • Requires use of one Android 8.0 or later phone or one iOS 9.1 or later iPhone / iPod touch. This phone app is used to pair and track the position of the robots. The phone is mounted onto the included tripod. 



  • Augmented Reality works with iPad or Android

  • Virtual Reality works with Android or iOS Google Cardboard compatible devices.




Classroom use


Lithium-ion battery 3.7V 850mAh 3.15Wh


Bluetooth & WiFi over the internet.


Kai’s AR, VR Viewer app for Google Cardboard. 

iOS 9 or above. Android 8 or above.

Excludes iPad®1, iPad®2, iPhone®4 or below.


Kai’s Eye Robot tracker app.

Bluetooth®4.0 or above.

iOS 9 or above. Android 8 or above.

Excludes iPad®1, iPad®2, iPhone®4 or below.

Manufacturer Part No.



Kai’s Clan


980mm x 980mm

Weight & Dimensions

15.3kg, 61 x 30.5 x 45cm


12-month warranty 

Kai’s Clan brings multiple cross-curricular learning experiences to the classroom to engage and motivate students.

We have extensive projects based on each of the Adventure Mats.

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