General Inquiries:

Q: What is immersive technology and how can it benefit learning?

A: In a nutshell: simulating a real environment with digital 360 content, most often augmented and virtual realities. (Check out this link for a great explanation.) Research on immersive technologies and their impact on learning is in early stages, however, early data shows students are more likely to be engaged and better remember content. Check out our Resource Center for vetted research articles on using augmented, virtual, and mixed realities to learn. The potential is huge! 


Q: Why do you offer only humanities-related products?

A: There are many great STEM resources available to educational institutions, however, there are few immersive resources and support in history, geography, literacy, literature, art, music, theater, and social emotional skills. We believe in developing the humans who discover, develop, and use STEM and participate in a democratic society.


Q: How do you support STEM with humanities’ immersive experiences? 

A: We believe STEM programs and initiatives are integral to our future. We can develop complementary humanities’ curriculum for immersive STEM experiences, especially as science or technology relates to history, biographies, various literacies (media, information, reading, writing, listening, speaking), social emotional and/or leadership skills, habits of the mind, and digital citizenship.


Q: How is the Institute for Learning Perspectives different than other educational technology service/product providers?

A:  Simply put, we are a non-profit that seeks to get immersive tech into learners’ hands as inexpensively as possible without the need to make a profit. Additionally, our staff are seasoned educators who understand the challenges district and school administrators, classroom teachers, students, and parents face. 


Products and Services:

Q: Who do you work with?

A:  School district personnel (Curriculum leaders, Instructional Technology, Purchasing Personnel); Schools/Classroom Teachers/Coaches; Museums; AR/VR Educational Content Developers and Publishers;  Affiliates; Foundations and other organizations with shared mission goals; Parents; and Preschools/Daycares.


Q: What services do you provide?

A: Services provided by the Institute include: 

  • Professional Learning - face-to-face or digital workshops; custom webinars; efficacy research.

  • Consulting - curriculum, app and product development; local fundraising; professional learning.


Q: How do you know if you have the correct hardware for an AR/VR  experience? 

A:  Each experience in our Resource Center lists the specific device/platforms available. Specific device models are usually listed on the specific app page. In general, most AR experiences require later-model mobile devices. If you aren’t sure, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Q: Do you offer training? 

A: We offer training at your location to give educators hands-on experience on using specific apps, products, or immersive technologies for use in the classroom or museum. In addition to general webinars, we can create customized webinars to train teachers digitally. We can also connect you with other training opportunities in your area. 


Q: How do subscription services work? 

A: Subscription services are only available to schools and are based annually on the number of student licenses (minimum 30). Once purchased, you will be provided with digital access to print your own augmented reality targets and/or access to EDU apps.. The cost is less than half of the cost of purchasing a classroom set of physical products. A one-year subscription is also provided for free with the purchase of any classroom set or larger. 


Q: How do we get buy-in from the school board, school admin, museum directors, educators and/or parents? 

A:  The Institute can provide informational demonstrations, testimonials, brochures, letters, research, and even help with grant writing


Q: How do we know if an immersive experience is safe for students and that their privacy is protected? 

A: Perspectives XR takes student safety and privacy seriously. We vet experiences in the Resource Center for educational value and age appropriateness (searchable by grade-level). However, it is important for users to check the terms of use for each app on the source page before using with students. If you discover an issue that puts student safety and privacy at risk, please contact us immediately.


Q: What curriculum/teaching resources are available? 

A:  If a company offers a curricular resource, it will be listed on the product page in the Resource Center. The Institute is available to write or consult on customizable standards-aligned, best-practice lessons that work directly with any app/product experience. Always needing to improve, there is a feedback link for each lesson. 


Q:  How do we review and get curriculum for Experience Real History’s Battle of the Alamo apps/products? 

A:  You can find a list of materials with a sample lesson here for TX 4th Grade and TX 7th Grade. To get the entire curriculum with additional scene scripts, videos, readings, and images, one must purchase a class set or Alamo subscription at which time they will be sent access to all of the Alamo resources.


Donations and Product Pricing:

Q: Can I write off what I donate? 

A: Yes. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax exempt. See Seal of Transparency at Guidestar. 


Q: How do donations work?

A: Individuals or organizations can donate funds directly to Perspectives XR to serve its mission goals. Donors can also donate products we offer and designate preferences for the receiving school/district or we can distribute to teacher donation requests. Click here for more information.


Q: Why do I have to contact Perspectives XR for pricing of some products?

A: All products available to educators are less expensive through Perspectives XR, however some distribution agreements prevent us from listing publicly how low the prices are. 


Q: Do you provide quotes and take purchase orders? 

A: Yes. We understand school purchasing protocols. 



Q: How do we keep up with products, services, research, and immersive technology news? 

A:  We send out a monthly e-newsletter (sign up here), periodic “What’s New?” email updates; blog on various topics, and of course through social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In. 

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